Mission Statement:

NM[X] in New Mexico's PREMIER Youth Focused Organization!! Bringing Youth to Non-Traditional, Life-Long Sports and the Creative Arts.

Core Foundation:

  • Always Remain an Adaptable, Youth-Focused and Youth-Driven Model...
  • Be Innovative, Educational and Relevant to Young People ... "Teen-aged Relevance"
  • Supports Youth in Their Future Successes by Instilling Values of Character, Service to Others, Leadership, Physical Wellness, Personal Achievement and Hard Work that Lead to Life Skills Learned...
  • Guide, Inspire and Cultivate the Imagination, Talent and Creativity of Young People...
  • Support Youth In Developing Entrepreneurial and Transferable Skills...
  • Provides the Necessary Resources for Youth to Forge Their Own Trail With A Well Trained, Supportive Staff, Volunteers and Community Partnerships...
  • Provides Safe/Secure, Structured & Well Supervised Year-Round Activities, Programs and Events...

2019 NM [X] BOARD

  • President: Jacqueline Vigil  - USEagle FCU
  • Secretary: Eric Garay - US Forest Service
  • Treasurer & Founder: Duane Kinsley - Sport Systems
  • Wallace Ashley - Sinkpe' Architects
  • Tomas "Baxter" Sanchez - iHEARTmedia
  • Cynthia Hughes - 

Director of NMX Sports

  • Eddie Vargas  eddie@nmxsports.org 

What is NMX?

NMX Sports is a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization that will give interested youth the opportunity to become involved in non-traditional or “extreme” sports. We will introduce many sports to the kids; however, our primary activities will include skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, BMX and wakeboarding. Our surveys show that an overwhelming 90% of kids want to participate in the sports that NMX will represent, but only 20% are participating.  However, there are currently few or no programs to solve this problem until NMX. 

NMX Sports will help overcome many obstacles that have prevented interested youth in participating in these sports. These obstacles include travel, proper supervision, cost and finding like-minded kids who enjoy the same lifestyle activities.

NMX Sports will provide a fun atmosphere and coordinate cool activities to help the kids enjoy their youth while taking advantage of all our beautiful state has to offer. Studies show that kids that are active in positive and constructive outlets are less likely to participate in delinquent behavior and in alcohol and drug use that is so common to today’s teens.

We hope to give these kids the opportunity to become involved in activities that they desire to participate in and more importantly, we want to help to create better kids.

Our Goal

Our goal is to engage New Mexico kids from 12 to 18 years old in outdoor activities that appeal to them. These activities will be conducted in a safe, structured and supervised environment. NMX Sports will teach and stress important life skills that benefit the kids, the community, their families and it will enhance the way our members live their lives. Through empowering these kids within the organization and introducing them to community involvement, we intend to help create a better generation arising from New Mexico.

For more information, contact us at info@nmxsports.org.

  • Youth: 11-20
  • Experiencing: Actually Partaking in Activities
  • Alternative: Non-Traditional/Non-Usual
  • Sports: Competitive and Non-Competitive (High-Medium-Low Activity Levels)

Who's in Charge of the Kids?

Adventure Leaders are paid employees of the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department and parental and intern volunteers.  The City of Albuquerque has pledged its staff and procedures for our organizational trips and adventures, as a donation to the youth of Albuquerque. 

The Adventure Leaders must submit to a background screening during the hiring process.  Once hired, they endure extensive training on safe driving procedures, dealing with groups, disruptive behavior, problem solving and positive motivational techniques.  They follow a strict learned protocol to make every adventure safe and a positive learning experience. 

NMX will also carry detailed information on the kids’ medical history and emergency contact information should any situations arise.  All of these proven policies and procedures are mandated by the City and NMX are in place to ensure a smooth adventure each time.

These well trained Adventure Leaders are essential to the success of NMX Sports.  They will participate on every trip and be responsible for the kids on that day’s activity.  The number of Adventure Leaders will be determined by the amount of NMX members on the trips, but will be no less that one chaperone per seven members. 

We will also be seeking volunteers (i.e. parents, college students, etc.) to help assist us on our trips and adventures.  All volunteers will be trained on the proven policies and procedures set forth by the Boy Scouts of America and the City of ABQ’s Park and Rec. Dept.   Should you be interested or know of somebody who is interested in assisting us voluntarily for these trips, please contact us via our website at www.nmxsports.org

The City and NMX share the mutual goal of providing a safe and fun service for the kids of Albuquerque.

Volunteer/Internship Program

Free Skiing/Snowboarding!!!

That’s what’s up!!  We are looking for people who want to make a difference in our world through our internship program.  We are providing non-paid but hooked up internship opportunities to assist in the start-up of this non-profit organization. 

The organization is geared towards giving all Albuquerque teens the opportunity to become involved in extreme/non-traditional sports in the beautiful regional outdoors.  NMX Sports will help overcome many obstacles that have prevented interested youth from participating in these activities (i.e. travel, proper supervision, cost and finding like-minded peers).   Through the assistance of the City, Retailers, Ski Areas, and this organization, we hope to make an incredible organization for the youth.
We are looking for assistance in administration, marketing, sales, website design/maintenance and chaperones for our 20+ ski trips this upcoming winter season.  Talk about a resume builder?  Talk about an exciting way to spend your free time and you are rewarded with free trips to ski areas in New Mexico and Southern Colorado??  Huh??

If you think that you can help and are interested in becoming an intern with the freshest organization in New Mexico, please send your resume and cover letter to info@nmxsports.org today!!

Help make a difference in our youth.


 New Mexico Xtreme Sports Association • 508 First Street, Albuquerque, NM 87102 • 505-296-2738 • info@nmxsports.org